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Tamqeen is a financial advisory firm focused on supporting your business in many ways.

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If you own a small or medium size business in today’s difficult economic environment, you probably face endless daily managerial decisions and challenges. Tamqeen simply sets you up in a way that suits your business size and financial capabilities, allowing you to grow organically and sustainably your business.

Tamqeen chose the finance angle of consulting as the base of its services for small and medium size enterprises, since it believes in the revealing power of numbers and ease of which any problem in a company can be uncovered and deciphered (through studying and analyzing numbers).

Tamqeen can supports its clientele on multitudes of fronts; management consultancy services, planning and directing strategy, industry best practices, financial audits and fine-tuning, IT and management support software, financial advisory, exit strategies…among others.

Mostly, working on the sell side of the transactions, Tamqeen sources financing deals in debt or equity to interested firms. It acts not only as an intermediary between investors and sellers but also offers comprehensive advisory services to its customer.

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